Sound transmission loss plywood sheets

The specific value for glass depends on how the glass was treated and whether the glass is double glazed. To replicate the insulating properties of glass, the acrylic sheet has to be significantly thicker than the glass. Therefore, in comparing a sheet of glass and an equally thick layer of acrylic, the glass will insulate better.SOUND TRANSMISSION THROUGH DUCT WALLS ... distortion often encounteredin circular sheet metal ducts. ... practical tools is a method for predicting the insertion lossAn experimental study of Sound Transmission Loss (STL) measurement techniques using an impedance tube B. Yousefzadeh, M. Mahjoob, N. Mohammadi and A. Shahsavari Univ. of Tehran, School of Mechanical Engineering, 1439957131 Tehran, Iran [email protected] Acoustics 08 Paris 965 10-year polycarbonate warranty, non-prorated covering: discoloration, loss of light transmission and loss of strength due to hail damage (up to ¾” size hail). Practical alternative to glass – weighs less and the diffused light reduces heat build-up and glare. High strength ribbed design.