Micro emacs cheat sheet

Micro Emacs There are actually several ErsatzEmacs editors known under a common name MicroEmacs , or uemacs (for the similarity of u and the greek μ). They originated all from a common ancestor, written somewhen around 1985 by Dave Conroy. The cheat sheet is: - Carbohydrate 1 gram = 4 calories - Protein 1 gram = 4 calories - Fat 1 gram = 9 calories - Alcohol 1 gram = 7 calories E.g. 50 g slice of bread has around 70% carb & protein, and a little fat, so ~140 calories; Glass of wine (150 g) at 13% alcohol has ~130 calories etc. Some starter spreadsheets Valero msds sheet; Conversion cheat sheet gram to kg; Classical guitar quartet sheet music; How to make lsd blotter sheets; Mad world piano sheet music easy; Springmaid wamsutta sheets; Debussy feux d artifice sheet music direct; Flat sheet measurement; Micro emacs cheat sheet; Espn college football passing stats sheet; Alcohol fact sheet pbs tv Unix / Linux - Useful Commands - This quick guide lists commands, including a syntax and a brief description. For more detail, use − Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Xhamps /.spacemacs. Created Nov 29, 2016